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Sustainable-as-Possible Packaging

Ninety-one percent of the world’s plastic is not recycled and one third of all landfill waste consists of personal care and beauty product packaging. Much of the waste we drop off for recycling ends up incinerated or in landfills.

Vapour has a Sustainable Packaging Committee dedicated to sourcing eco-friendly options and evolving our packaging as quickly as possible. We take responsibility for our packaging by offering to recycle it responsibly through TerraCycle®. A global leader in recycling, TerraCycle® is committed to sorting waste by material and ensuring it is properly recycled.

Earn Rewards for Recycling

Let us reward you for recycling four or more Empties.


1. Join the Vapour Rewards Program.

2. Enjoy your Vapour products down to the last drop.

3. Send back four or more Vapour empties with an Empties Recycling Form. 

4. Earn 300 Reward Points = $15 Reward in our store.

Join. Be Rewarded

Why ship four empties at a time?

Let’s work together to minimize our carbon footprint. We’re happy to recycle any Vapour empties you send us, but you’ll get a $15 Reward when you send us four or more together.

On a cleaning spree and need to get rid of 1-3 empties now?

No problem! Download the Empties Recycling form (below) and follow the instructions. You won’t receive a reward for sending back less than four empties, but you’ll know that you are doing your part to help eliminate landfill waste.

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